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14:56, 12 22 2023
What should you do when coming to Ha Long Bay?
1. Cruise around Ha Long Bay
Ha Long Bay has majestic and poetic natural beauty with thousands of large and small islands and munique caves. The bay is also recognized by UNESCO as a world natural wonder and attracts a large number of tourists every year.
When going around the bay, you can admire beautiful natural scenery such as beautiful destinations such as Sung Sot Cave, Dragon Eye Island, Ti Top Island, Ngoc Vung Island, etc.

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2. Swimming at Bai Chay Beach
Bai Chay Beach is an artificial beach located next to Ha Long Bay. This is the most beautiful beach in the city, with clear blue water and fine white sand stretching nearly 1,000 meters. According to Ha Long Bay travel experience, you can freely swim, check-in, and experience water games.

Top 5 bãi biển ở Hạ Long tuyệt đẹp cho kỳ nghỉ của bạn - Vivu Halong
3. Visit Tuan Chau Island
Located on Tuan CIsland, the Tuan Chau tourist area attracts tourists with its beautifully decorated and poetic space. When coming to Tuan Chau, you should attend a water music performance and have fun at the outdoor amusement park or the newly opened dinosaur park.

Chinh phục đảo Tuần Châu: Thiên đường du lịch biển đẹp Hạ Long
4. Kayaking at Ti Top Island and Luong Cave
Kayaking leisurely on the cool water, hidden behind the Luong Cave mountain range will make you feel extremely peaceful. After visiting Luong Cave, you can walk to Ti Top Island and watch the sunset with friends on a yacht.

Đảo Ti Tốp Quảng Ninh - TOP 5 trải nghiệm hấp dẫn nhất
5. Check-in at Quang Ninh Museum
Quang Ninh Museum is considered a miniature model of Quang Ninh province, a place that preserves the culture and peaceful life of Ha Long people. Young people traveling to Quang Ninh all have "lifetime" photos at this attraction.

Bảo tàng Quảng Ninh - Khám phá viên ngọc đen bên vịnh Hạ Long

6. Explore culture at Cua Van Fishing Village
With the experience of many tourists traveling to Ha Long, if you have not been to Cua Van Fishing Village, you will not be able to enjoy the beauty of this place. Cua Van is a long-standing fishing village on the bay with a typical lifestyle of coastal fishermen.
Coming here, you will experience fascinating activities such as fishing, squid fishing, boating, etc. Enjoy fresh seafood right on the boat.

Làng chài Cửa Vạn | Kinh nghiệm ĐI LẠI & KHÁM PHÁ chi tiết
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