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Visa exemption and remove controls to open international tourism from March 15th

14:26, 02 16 2022

- From last November 2021 to February 15th, after four months, the ministry has implemented a pilot program in nine provinces and cites have welcomed 9,000 international tourists.

- Ministries and sectors unify the government report for permission to the time of March 15th to stop limiting apply measures on the visa granting and implementation as before the pandemic, including E-visa, unilateral visa exemption and bilateral.

International tourists arriving in Vietnam must meet the following conditions:

1. -International tourists from 12 year upwards must be injected with at least 2 doses of vaccines. The 2nd dose must not exceed over 6 months or be certified from Covid-19 within 6 months.

- International tourists under 11 years old are not required for vaccines.

2. For foreign visitors entering via air, the case of suspected symptoms must be tested quickly at the airport.

3. The remaining people must go straight to their preregistered places of residence, self-isolate within 24 hours and perform rapid testing or RT-PCR, continue medical monitoring within 14 days under the guidance of the Ministry of Health, strictly implement 5K.

4. International tourism entering via road are tested at the boarder-gates before entry into Vietnam.

5. If international tourists are positive for Covid-19, will be treated similar to Vietnamese people.


  1. Visitors must have negative test results before getting on the airplane (within 24 hours for the rapid test method and 72 hours for the RT-PCR method).
  2. Visitors must install at least one medical management application according to the regulations of a specialized agency and continuously turn it on during the stay in Vietnam.
  3. Visitors must pay insurance to enjoy the insurance rate of 10,000 USD (averages about 30 USD/person) in the case of treatment of Covid-19 in Vietnam.
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