In tourism, what will you do?

In ancient times, tourism activities were not organized into services such as transportation, food, accommodation, guided tours, research, etc. Tourists had to organize their own trips, carrying lots of luggage and personal belongings. , food. There are no professional tourism activists with diversified and diversified services like today, and it is impossible to organize tourism programs to introduce, sell and implement such programs.

Tourism is the activity of people going out of their places of living and working regularly, to other places with certain purposes such as sightseeing, study, rest, healing, entertainment and religious activities. Catholic - spiritual but not for money. Tourism can be understood as the construction, marketing, promotion, sale and implementation of tourism programs (sold) and accompanying tourism products and services.

In tourism, what will you do?
Depending on the job characteristics, the different positions in the tourism industry have very different working conditions. For example, travel managers and operators often work in offices, on computers and phones, connect relationships, model and coordinate employees under the management to ensure service Best tour for customers. Meanwhile, most of the tour guide's time is on trips, etc. You often hear that tourism is an interesting job because going here and there, knowing many things, enjoying many dishes strange, communicating with many people, learning many different customs and practices but behind those attractions is that the professional work is not easy, not relaxed.

Most people working in the tourism industry can find their place in travel corporations with many branches, subsidiaries, companies, tourist centers, travel centers.

In the early years of the 21st century, Vietnam has witnessed a strong development of tourism. As expected, by 2010, our tourism industry strives to receive about 6 million international visitors, 25 million domestic tourists. Ecotourism areas, cultural tourism are growing everywhere, changing the face and life of many localities. With that development, this industry is in desperate need of a strong workforce.