Some careers in the tourism industry

This work requires good management capacity and a deep understanding of tourism. For tourism business managers, travel service facilities, travel resources, in addition to general knowledge about tourism and management, they also need specialized knowledge of each specific area to lead the department, staff under.
The travel manager mainly works in the office with records, reports, projects, etc. However, he often has to go to see partners, attend seminars, go to countries or localities. Other to visit, learn, participate in tourism promotion programs. Tourism managers often have a wide relationship, demanding to be knowledgeable and have very good communication skills.
The main job is to assign jobs to tour guide; receive information from tourism programs to coordinate with departments and agencies to deal with problems and requests of guests, which are reported by the tour guide on receiving and handling requests and complaints from customers. travel programs of their units, etc.
The travel operator's work takes place mainly in comfortable and comfortable operating offices, but they are under heavy work pressure with many jobs reporting at the same time, especially during the seasons. Peak travel.
The main task is to welcome guests; organize tourism activities according to the company program sold to guests; introduce or contact the introducer at each tourist destination, recommend travel services to visitors at the tourist destination; organize meals, breaks, travel, etc. for guests according to the planned tour program; ensure the safety and comfort of guests in the travel program; directly solve problems arising or reporting to the center, etc.
Tour guides do not need to be particularly tall or beautiful (just avoid physical and speech disabilities). Most importantly, they need knowledge, strong professional capacity, ability to behave, communicate, toughness and stable psychology.
Tourist guides work in travel companies, travel-registered businesses or units that manage and exploit tourism resources, monuments management boards or landscapes, gardens country or nature conservation area. There are also tour guides working in other agencies or businesses but can be tour guides and invited to travel collaborators.
The work of receptionists mainly in hotels, motels, guest houses, tourist villages, tourist resorts, medical treatment, tourist farms, etc. Receptionists need know more than at least one foreign language, must listen, understand the information of the customer, and reply to the customer to understand the information about prices, payment, type of service accurately and clearly.
Their main job is phone calls, answering information about their services, scheduling guest bookings; welcome guests; introduce their own travel services; receive information to request meals and accommodation of guests; check if the service can meet the requirements of the guests; help customers in phone work, information guide, receive and pay deposit, payment, etc.
These are people who work in the tourism market research, find out what visitors need, what they have and need. Based on their research, they consult their tourism programs (prices, locations, target customers, etc.). In addition, they conduct other market research at the request of managers and implement professional measures, build programs to promote and promote tourism products with each type of quality. , price…
Travel marketing staff regularly work, deal with customers, partners as well as tourist facilities, tourist spots. This job requires you to travel a lot.
Looking at the banquet table in restaurants and hotels, we see not only the elegance, the standard of decoration, arranging the order of service, the ingenuity, attracting customers but also expressing the depth culture, the purpose of the party. That is the result of the work of the waitress, kitchen, bar staff.
Besides, the work of serving rooms and rooms. The rooms of international standard rooms have very strict requirements from clean, airy to installation, reasonable and aesthetic layout. Not only that, they must promptly, quickly and wholeheartedly guide and bring guests to the room and room.
In addition, in this industry there are many diverse jobs such as customer care, travel information, building tourism programs, selling souvenirs, health care, entertainment and education organization. tourism environment, maintenance, research on tourism, teaching in tourism training facilities, etc.