Proud to be the first cultural theme park in Vietnam where people can immerse themselves into a space of cultural blending and interact with many colorful activities inside. Being inspired by the passionate love of Vietnamese culture and desired to arouse the national pride, Hoi An Impression Theme Park was born to restage the splendours of Hoi An's golden time - a vibrant Faifo where East met West. Hoi An Memories – a Vietnamese story being told by Vietnamese people, is a locally-made arts creation deeply embedded with Vietnamese cultural and historical elements. With the outstanding combination of the biggest outdoor 25,000-sqm-stage, visual arts, music, poetry and more than 500 professional performers on the stage, Hoi An Memories show is truly Vietnam’s Must-see cultural spectacle which reliving the stories of heritage.


Theme Park Opening Hours:

- Time: 5:00pm-9:00pm, daily

- Last redemption time: 7:00pm

Hoi An Memories Showtime:

- Time: 7:30pm-8:45pm

- Open days:  Friday & Saturday 

- Please be seated 15 minutes prior to the show.

Part 1: Life

Life is the beginning of the show, the start of everything will reappear the colorful picture about the costume, culture, life of Hoi Anpeople long ago. 3.000 years ago, fisherman started to build houses and settle down. You can see the town began from a small fisherman’s house with his family and around them, Hoi An bloom from the earth.

Part 2: Wedding

This scene portrait the happy wedding of Princess Huyen Tran and King Che Man in the past. This is an impressive performance but realistic against a back drop of Cham Pa temples, dances and towers, etc. You will feel like you are really attending an ancient wedding. Costumes is also various and colorful with Cham culture. And of course, wedding of the royalty must have an elephant – the symbol of Cham culture.


Part 3: Lamps and sea

This is a scene of a faithful wife desperately waiting for her husband who is a sailor hasn’t come home for a long time. She turns into a stone statue. At the end of the story, the man returns, feeling wretched, he writhes in anguish beside the statue. This touching story is not told by words but by hundreds of professional dancers in traditional, colorful costume.

Part 4: Trading port

This part represents Hoi An trading port of the 17thcentury on the stage along with traders from Japan, China, Holland, France, India, etc. They have their business and join the local festivals. This is the main point of the show. You can see the glorious time of Hoi An in the past and enjoy every details which has been well prepared by the crew.

Part 5: Ao dai

Hoi An is one of very few cities still keep almost everything in the past through up and down of the history. That makes the priceless value that Hoi An people can be proud of. End of the show is an Ao Dai performance with many ancient structures of Hoi An. All of the values have been well preserved until now.

Hoi An memories show had smashed 2 Vietnamese records: The country’s largest outdoor visual art performance and The daily show with most actors. It took nearly 2 years to produce a one-hour show which runs every night. Foreign tourists absolutely love the show, some of them said this is the most spectacular show in the world. “Hoi An memories becomes a global phenomenon” according to Reuters. This show also have a lot of 5 stars reviews on biggest review website Trip Advisor.

“I came from Europe. For me, the theater itself, the short performances, and the big show, were very tender and unforgettable. The atmosphere of the show was such that I see Vietnam in a completely different way. I recommend it to anyone who goes and can go to this theater and watch the show.”

_ Klári _

“Like an opening show to an Olympics

Even though our guide was pushing us to see the A O Show, we picked the Impression Theme Park. While I can't compare the two as I didn't see the other show, I was very happy with our selection. You definitely should be there when the park opens, as there is so much to see with lots of mini cultural performances, gift shops, and spots to take photos. We ate dinner there as well, but we were rushed eating it because it came late as the staff were not prepared for the numbers of tourists wanting to eat before the main show. Make sure that you get in line early for the main stadium performance because it is first come, first seat. (We could not get the highest priced seating because they were sold out.) I thought the entire evening was great! I was definitely impressed by the Olympic-style stadium show!”

_ Danya F _

“Superb and a must see for everyone!

We got to the park before 5pm in time to see the mini shows before the main event. There is ample time to eat before the main show.

The main show is a true spectacle and the gracefulness of the performers along with the use of lighting is sublime. This is a pageant not to be missed.

Unfortunately we attended when numbers are well down because of the current health risk across the World. However, it doesn't numb the atmosphere too much. Staff are very polite but despite asking people not to record or use phones, some selfish people did and others decided to talk louder than necessary.

The staff are wonderful, the place is beautiful and the show is just fantastic. Well done Vietnam and those responsible for this tour de force in entertainment.

If you don't enjoy this, check your pulse for life!”

_ leitrim65 _

“Absolutely spectacular show !

We were really impreseed with the Hoi An Impressions show. The choreography, setting, performance are absolutely amazing and the show is spectacular.

Apparently, there are more than 500 performers !

Seating is great, with a clear view of the scenary and complementary rain coats are provided.

Enjoyed the mini-shows beforehand as well.

Well worth the 600,000 VND entrance ticket.

A show in London's West End would cost about 5 times and nothing like this show !

Highly recommended !”

_ KEITH H ­_

“The most impression in Hoi an, vietnam

We had a short vacation in Hoian this Luna Tet 2020. We visited the Hoi An Impression Theme park on 29/1 and have watched the Live Performance “ Hoian memories “. We enjoyed an old town space with full of cultural depth. All the content is reproduced very honestly, the most vivid will help the younger generation easily capture and love the heroic history, cultural sediments of the Vietnam. The show made me impressive, overwhelmed and moved by the fascinating storytelling through the music, the modern lighting and the ingenious acting of nearly 500 actors and actresses. We are highly recommended as a show that must be watched once in the lifetime.”

_ Vnphuong _

“Must-see show with great services

Reuters highlighted this show as the best in the world so I definitely wanted to see it. And it's worth every penny. The show is performed by almost 500 artists, with amazing contents, music and effects. The added value is all the mini-shows in the theme park which you can watch before and after the main show, so please come at about 5PM to enjoy all the shows and all the additional services. The staff are super helpful and friendly. After the show, all the artists and staff will stay to take pictures with you and to walk you out. They also provide the free boat to take you pass the river to the ancient town.

The price is the same if you buy from them directly or via hotel or agency, but you definitely should book in advance as the show is often fully booked. There are 3 prices for VIP, high-class and eco with the lowest price of 600,000 VND. I would recommend high-class at 700,000 VND.”

_ Huong Vu _

“Must see? Really? YES!!!

This theme park and show makes Vietnam proud. Of course you can't really compare this to Broadway or Disneyland - but it comes pretty pretty close.

It puts much of Asia to shame to see a park and show of this quality. Theme park opens from 5pm onwards. Go as early as you can and see the mini shows and participate in Vietnam culture. The food in the Vietnam village is pretty good too.

The highlight is the show and as with the rest of the reviews, I really did like it. Good job Vietnam.”

_ Julius Wee _

“A must try destination in Hoi An

I visited Hoi An Impression theme park and enjoyed the show on Dec 25 with my mom and this is absolutely the must-try destination when you are in Hoi An.

The theme park opens from 5PM with lots of interesting mini shows with the warm welcome and instructions of all staffs and dancers. Staffs are very helpful and friendly, they’re available everywhere to support guests, when I entered the stand, i was lost since it’s a huge space, quite dark and i don’t know where to sit but luckily, the staff immediately come and escort us to the seat with a super good view.

I was impressed by the perfection of the show, lighting, sound, dancers coordinated in harmony which makes a big wow for audiences.

Surely I will come back again with my whole family.

Read less”

_ Thao Nguyen Phuong _

“A stunning show and a very well organised event, thoroughly enjoyable.We are no theatre or art critics and would rather poke needles in our eyes than going to the theatre in London.

This show though however was spectacular and very well organised with regards to transport back to Hoi An.

The costumes and performance of the dancers were excellent and stunning.

We thoroughly enjoyed the show and it was a very pleasant way to spend an evening.

Another suprise was that drinks are cheaper here than the town, very much unlike the London West End.

VIP tickets are certainly recommend a very comfy big seat, sheltered, complimentary water and fruit.

We would certainly go again if we visit Hoi An again.

A big thank you to everyone involved with the show.”

_ Nick-and-Olivia2014 _

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